Why is your company called 5 Star?

My mom's first business she started 30 years ago, with a cordless phone and pool floaty getting a suntan.

I get this question every so often during bridal shows and would like to blog the story. Family means everything to me and calling my company 5 Star is a way to keep a family legacy alive. My mother started a business 25 years ago while laying in the swimming pool down the street from our house. After a few partners came and went, then some name changes 5 Star Demonstration was born. (they were the people in the grocery store handing out samples aka free food. Bel Air, Safeway, Save Mart and more…)

She built 5 Star Demo with $200 and a dream.  Which then became the largest demonstration company in Northern California. I started in the warehouse helping ship and pack boxes. As it grew my father came into the business and helped my mom run it. I created the Graphics and Marketing department being the first time using Macintosh and Photoshop 3.0. Ah the wonderful memories floating around in my head. The whole office was a family with our xmas parties, luncheons and softball.  Not only the great memories but I grew up in a business environment that had strong ethics and hard work mentality.

From there they created 4 large companies over the next 15 years. I hope to keep the tradition alive of 5 Star and it’s success in our family. This was really a quick version of our company’s name and why it’s so important to me. Here’s to 20 years more 5 Star!

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