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Below you’ll find our handy wedding film personalized quote builder for you to build your own personalized quote! Start by choosing your base package and then add what you want and need! Continue adjusting to fit your budget and then send it to us! If there’s something you need or want that’s not in the quote tell us about it in the comments and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. 

Base 1
6 hours coverage • 1 videographer • professional audio • documentary edit • delivered online for download

Base 2
6 hours coverage • 2 videographers • professional audio • drone • documentary edit • delivered online for download

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Step 1
Select your base package.

Step 2
Select your add ons.

Step 3
How many additional hours do you need?

Step 4
Save the date personalized cards

Step 5
Submit your quote to 5 Star and we’ll get back to you! Please include your wedding date and location in the comments box.





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Glossary & Terms

The use of a drone has many variants and isn’t guaranteed. Weather, location, powerlines and other obstacles that dictate flight. It is ultimately up to 5 Star Films and the operator if a flight is possible.  

Documentary edit is the wedding beginning to end as shot edited to music you choose. It typically goes, getting ready, ceremony, reception and is about an hour and fifteen minutes long. With 1 videographer the video typically comes to 30 minutes. Past brides always say this is the one they watch 10 years after their wedding to remember those who have past

A highlight video is usually 2 to 5 minutes in length. We take the best shots from the wedding and create a montage to the music we purchase the rights to so you can share it online. Share on Facebook, YouTube or anywhere else you would like. This is a great compliment to a documentary edit. 

4K has amazing clarity and detail but that comes at a price of hard drive space being 4 times greater than HD. Our cameras look fabulous but if you’re looking for the next step in amazing images 4K is for you!


There’s so much more! Please email us and ask! We can make just about anything you want, happen!

Short films are usually 10 to 20 minutes in length using the music you want but will not be able to share via social networks. These edits are great to send to family and friends via dropbox or google drive to share the day with them. You will receive the toasts as separate files on your USB.