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Choosing the right wedding filmmaker – Photos are not of 5 Star Wedding Films, read more…

It’s your wedding, and it’s your day for your guest to enjoy the day with you. Your wedding day vendors should work in harmony to bring the ultimate cohesive orchestrated dance to make this possible for both the couple and guests. I’ve shot weddings with overbearing photographers who don’t adhere to the timeline. As a photographer, I’ve worked with videographers who think their creative vision is more important than any photo taken even though on average photography costs 2 to 3 times more than video.

I’m posting some pictures of other videographers that photographer friends of mine that have sent me. The horror stories I hear from them! Walking down the aisle backward following the bride. Or walking right behind the bride coming down the aisle. Two to three videographers circling around the bride and groom during the first dance. Videographers taking a lot of the bride and groom’s  time from the photographer making family portraits almost impossible. The horror stories continue.

5 Star Wedding Films works with the professional wedding day vendors to make a seamless amazing day. We like to contact the photographer prior to the wedding to introduce ourselves and let them know they’re in charge. The photographer has one chance to capture the moment and the wedding filmmaker needs to be aware of this as we are. We contact the DJ to let them know we’re excited to work with them and if we can’t team up to make sure the sound is amazing for the film and the wedding.

These simple acts of reaching out and being a professional will make your day an amazing experience. That is what your day is, an EXPERIENCE. We want to be a part of your day, not take over your day


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