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Silver Memories

As our older generation ages stories of the past start to dwindle. What will we remember of our grandparents?

My goal is to document our past with family stories. My Aunt started with my grandfather about 18 years ago and I’ve helped her do a few documentaries working behind the camera. The last one I worked on was my own father’s documentary. It’s been three years since he passed away and I’m so grateful to have the film to show my kids so my five years old can get to know him better. Every year on his birthday we watch it. He tells stories of his past and I hope my kids get an understanding where they come from.

What I do is sit down with you or your family and we put together a game plan. I’ll help you and advise you where to get your old film digitalize, which pictures you should digitalize and we start with a game plan.

This does take a lot of work on your end, you’ll be involved throughout the process. You’ll need to gather all the images, film, photos, and any other material from the past to help tell the story. Then you’ll need to outline the story. Starting with their youth working to today. Don’t worry I’ll be there to help every step of the way.

After gathering all the material and filling out the forms we can sit down once again and write an outline of their story and do a mock interview. Coaching them through the process and keeping them on track through their stories so they’re ready for the camera.

It’s time to get out the camera and mic up our storyteller. I like to start with some B Roll footage. This is footage around the house, showing some photos, just everyday things I can use in the video. This also gets them comfortable in front of the camera. Then the interview which I like to keep small and intimate. Only two people and work through the outline we created before the interview. Using pictures to help the story or audio cues.

Now that we have everything put together I retire to the editing room to bring their story to life in a full documentary. Using our notes, images, footage and everything we collected earlier I layout their life’s story for future generations to enjoy. I use music from their generation, their favorite music. It’s their life, their story.

This is not a quick process. Each documentary is different but they can take weeks if not a month or so to just shoot. Then another few months to edit. It’s a lot of information and stories to collect to put into an hour or so documentary.

If you have any questions please contact me right away.

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