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Tell Us Your Story Promotion

The Basics

I’ve been a storyteller all my life and it’s in my blood from listening to my grandparents tell stories of their childhoods. I love creating, writing and shooting stories. I have written, filmed and edited over 30 short films, and currently writing two feature films. In all my years of working on films and documentaries, real life stories have always interested me the most. This is where you come into the picture. I want to know your story!

What makes you unique? What makes your wedding different? Maybe you had an interesting way of meeting, proposal or something that happened that just needs to be told in short film rather than the run of the mill wedding film.

Please do not send pages upon pages of your life history. Please summarize the key points, a quick outline or a few paragraphs will work best at first.

This will also be a good way for a chance to save from 5% to 30% off your wedding film! If I choose your story you will receive a discount on your wedding film.

I’ve created a form you can fill out at the bottom of this page. It asks for your name, email address and a few lines or paragraphs about YOUR STORY!

Terms and Conditions

When you submit your story I ask for some time to read and analyze your story. I may have more questions with the hopes we dig into more details. I won’t be able to choose every submission for filming but I will do my best to review everyone that is submitted dependent on demand. If I experience a high volume of submissions please be patient in letting me review the stories.

If your story is chosen we will work together in creating a script and script breakdown that will allow us to make the most out of each minute filming (just like real movies). When you agree to do this you give me the creative ability to shoot and record what I need to make your story. You may have to re-enact parts of your life from the past, these could be done in a humorous way or serious. It’s dependent on your story.\

This does not change the way I shoot your wedding day unless agreed upon by the two (three) of us prior to the wedding and fit the narrative. You will still choose a package and I will shoot it the way I shoot all my weddings. You still get your documentary edit of the wedding but your Short Film edit will be your actual story that we’ve put together and written. This could include footage from the wedding day. It could be footage we shot prior to the wedding. I’m hoping for a nice combination of both to really show your story up to the wedding and then your wedding day. Telling YOUR STORY!

The Fine Print

By entering this promotion you agree and understand that: 5 Star FIlms reserves all rights to cancel, alter or discontinue this promotion at anytime. 5 Star Films reserves the rights to change, alter or any configuration of to this promotion. By entering you allow 5 Star Films to review and ask questions of your story. There is NO guarantee of your story being chosen. There is no guarantee of any kind. All discounts are at the discretion of 5 Star Films. If client isn’t able to make shooting dates, becomes difficult to work with or just makes the process difficult in any way, the discount will be removed at anytime and client will be responsible for full package price. We request that you have time to set aside to meet, shoot and work with us on your story. Submissions of your story and email address signs you up for future newsletters, emails and other correspondence from 5 Star Films.


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