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Why hire a videographer for your wedding?

So there’s 100’s of websites out there with this topic. Why should you read this one? I’m a photographer, film maker and artist… So I’m not trying to “sell” you on a wedding video, just like to have a conversation with you.

Though wedding videographers spend a crazy amount of money on equipment and have to be able not just film the wedding but capture audio and then edit it cohesively in a non linear editing program.

It’s much more work than taking photos but you pay much less for the work because our culture it’s not valued as much. Where I have traveled the world and many countries this isn’t the case, video costs more. This is because you’re capturing the day true to what’s happening with not just the sights but also the sound. I see a strong arguments for both sides of “to photography or to video”. The answer is both.
I have wedding photos hanging on my wall but didn’t get video. Wish I had. A nationwide study showed that before the wedding 54% of brides rank video in the top 10. After their wedding 79% of brides rank video in the top 10. Of those brides 41% consider video in the top 5 and after the wedding that number jumps to 59%. Reading the brides who took part in this survey and others, I’ll summarize some of what I’ve read. I wish I had gotten video to hear my dad’s speech that made my husband break down and cry. I wish I had gotten video because one day my kids could see it. I wish I had gotten video because my family from the east coast couldn’t make it. My husband will never dance with me and no one would believe me that he danced during the reception, only if I had video! Those are pretty serious after thoughts.
Now video (I hate calling it just video, so I’ll use FILM or FILMING) technology has come a long way, shooting with 4K cameras that are crystal clear on 70 inch LED TV’s. The mic’s are nice compact that are easily hidden. Most DJ’s are easy to work with and allow you to plug right into their board for the best possible audio during the reception. The motion graphic programs are more intuitive to the editor for cleaner looking finished product with little experience.

And now there’s Facebook, YouTube and other social media sights. Photos are great! But think about a 5 minute recap that captures the MOOD of the wedding with music, speeches and images. Share that online and your family and friends from all over the world, throughout your life can enjoy that day with you.

A suggestion. get your wedding film on USB! DVD’s and BluRay’s can be scratched easily and will break down over time.

I will be writing more, so follow and keep up to date. Join us on Facebook to follow what’s happening in the 5 Star Wedding Film world!

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