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What kind of equipment will you be using? How do you handle sound and lighting?

We only use the professional equipment. My first love is cameras, I’ve worked with ARRI, RED and more, but those would be overkill for a wedding and hard to handle on the run so I’ve carefully chosen our cameras to produce comparable. I have LED lights for low-light situations and I work carefully with the photographer not to intrude on their flash photography. I’ve heard horror stories of videographers setting up shop lights at a ceremony or over lighting a reception room ruining the wedding for the photographer and guests.

For sound, I use professional inconspicuous tiny wireless microphones. I use the mics for the ceremony to mic the officiant and/or groom if possible. For the reception, I like to work closely with the DJ to pull sound from the board.


**** UPDATE 12/17/2017 ****

We have upgraded to 4K Sony cameras with amazing low light shooting capabilities. If you’re a film equipment geek or computer nerd, let’s talk. I’m one myself.

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